Chris' cooking skills and Darcy's degree in Horticulture really started this team out at the very beginning with growing their own food and raising their own animals for eggs and food. It all started in the Asheville, NC area where they had their first garden and has grown to their ten acre farm. Here they have raised chickens, quail, ducks, turkeys and pigs plus they grew their own herbs and vegetables. Darcy's love for a variety of flowers also got added to the mix.

When they moved to the area they expanded their outreach to the local farmer's market and to private customers who bought the variety of products that they offered. They also moved into canning and baking because of course they love that stuff too and have the skills to create it.

Their son has grown up digging in the dirt and their second son, Asher, who joined the family in 2018, will most likely be joining the family outside as soon as he is old enough to walk.