King Cropp was established in 2018 with Jim & Kathy Cropp as owners and Chef Chris and Darcy King managing and running their small location.  In December of 2020, Jim and Kathy purchased 1050 Main St. in order to find King Cropp a permanent home and to create a legacy for Chris, Darcy and their two children, Avery and Asher.

King Cropp has evolved over the years to fill the community's need for fresh, delicious food that can accommodate most allergies. Chris and Darcy’s second son, Asher developed alpha-gal from a tick bite when he was 10 months old. Once diagnosed, they learned that everything he ate was causing many of his physical reactions from the tick bite. As he has grown they have adapted their menu so that is safe for him to be in the restaurant. They understand first hand how difficult it is to find a restaurant that knows exactly what ingredients are in their food in order to not make him, or any guest, sick.  

You may ask, where’s the beef? Pork? It was decided in Spring of 2023 to eliminate these proteins from the menu in order for all guests suffering from this disease to know that King Cropp is doing everything possible to eliminate cross contamination in the kitchen. So no, you may not have an allergy, but the seasonal menu and creative daily specials offer a wide variety of options to fit most palettes.  

Also be sure to check our menu for information regarding gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Come be a part of our family table and we promise you won't leave hungry.